Cool Down This Season

With Danorel’s coolest drinks

Sweeten up your day

With Danorel’s freshest candy

Our Pick the Mix concept

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Premium Quality

All our products are well established and in some categories the market leader. We are always searching the market to enhance our current line of tasty products to cater to an ever evolving beverage and candy market.

Gelatin Free and Sugar Free

To meet all personal needs and markets, we also offer 155 different gelatin free candies and over 20 sugar free beverages and candies.

European Suppliers

We pride ourselves on providing beverages and candy from Europe and only work with European suppliers who uphold the highest standards in the industry

With You Every Step Of The Way

Our expertise lies in offering all inclusive services that start from the time you contact us to the final delivery of the products. Our main priority is that you receive the best possible service we can offer. We are always on call.

Your Favorites

Sour Strawberry Bananas

Sour Keys

Hot Lips

Fruit Liquorice Rockets

Coco Ice

Loka Pear 50cl

Xide Non Alcoholic

XIDE Mandarin Chilli

"If we cannot order a certain candy, then apparently it does not exist."

− Daniel Watsu, GFB Wholesale Inc

"It is crazy that Danorel can offer over 700 different types of candies! They even have sugarfree and gelatinfree."

− Elias Youssef, MCEAGLE AB

"I love the fact that a new player will enter the Middle Eastern FMCG market. Fresh and innovative products, fresh ideas and friendly staff. Nothing but quality throughout."

− Jennifer Holm, Green Supplies AB

Our beverages

Our flagship brands provide a premium experience, from taste all the way to look and style. The product range includes energy drinks, flavoured mineral water and soft drinks.


Our candy

Made from the finest chocolate, we bring you our newest product distribution line: candies. Chocolate, foam, jelly or sugarfree they will sweeten you instantly.


Pick the Mix

Danorel offers a wide range of quality beverages and the finest candies produced by great swedish brands and the both in luxury and consumer packing.